Current restored stick inventory. We offer top quality pro stock sticks procured from D1 college teams.     PX: $95-120.   Please call Andre at 203-856-1183 with questions or to purchase.           Scroll to bottom of page for Gift card purchase  using paypal 

RH sticks


supreme 1s 87 flex, p88

supreme 2s 87 fl, p08

nexus 2n 95 fl, p92 (2)

vapor 1x lite 82 fl, p88,    102 fl, p88


super tacks 2.0 :    85 flex, p90

super tacks AS1 : 75 fl, p14 (2),    90 flex, p92,    85 fl, p90

trigger2 : 85 flex, p92 (2)

trigger 3D : 80 flex, p92(2),   85 flex, p92(7),   90 flex, p92, 75 flex, p92

jetspeed : 65 flex, p28(1),   90 flex, p92(1), 85 flex, p92


Alpha: 85 flex,   90 flex, p92, 75 flex, p28(3)

Covert QR edge; 80 flex


LH sticks


supreme 2s;  p92 87 flex(2),  95 fl, p92

Nexus 2n: p92, 95 flex,     102 fl, P92

Vapor 1x Lite; p92 87 flex(2),    p92, 87 flex(5)


Trigger; 85 flex

trigger2 : 80 flex ,  95 fl

super tacks 2.0 :   p28, 75 flex,   p90, 75 flex(2)

super tacks AS1 :   p29, 80 flex(2)

jetspeed : 80 flex, p92 (4)


Covert QR edge: 85 flex, p28, 95 flex, p28,  75 fl p28,  90 fl, p28

Alpha QX: 75 flex, p28,

Composite hockey sticks repaired with Integral Hockey’s revolutionary system. Please contact for availability.   Warrior_logo_38Sher-Wood_Hockey-logologo_REEBOKccm_logoBAUER_logo-150x27easton_hockey_stack_logo_small

Integral Hockey has been evoking trust and confidence from all levels of hockey players in their shaft and blade repairs for years.  With a lifetime warranty Integral Hockey continues to revolutionize the industry with feedback from you!  If for any reason the stick fails in this time frame, ship it back to us and we will repair it or replace it, at our discretion.  The warranty is valid only in the area that the stick was repaired, and is only covered for normal play and not abuse.

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